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Chinese tea acts as beverage, pastime, culture icon, and undoubtedly a life time of enjoyment for thousands of years. Tea in China, along with silk and porcelain, spread to the other part of the world through trading routes of Silk Road and Tea & Horse Road.

Experience Chinese tea culture by exploring mist-covered mountains and plantations where legends of tea were born. Guided by our professional travel guide, discover the first-hand mysterious lure of tea and tour the ornate temples, magnificent palaces and historical landmarks.

Join a China Tea Tour with Easy Tour China to visit the charming destinations of tea production featuring diversified traditions saturated with tea elements. A tea cultural tour will start from picking up tea leaves under the guidance of local farmers, and then enjoy the varied processes of making tea products, with a traditional art - tea ceremony performance which showcase the rich content of tea culture finally.

2017 Tea Tours Launched! We partner with Tea Total (Australia).

Sample Tea Tours

This unique certificated "in country" program has been developed personally by Tea Total, CITS (Wuyishan) and Easy Tour China, and is going to teach you the essential skills of production, evaluation and serving of Wuyishan and Oolong tea to give a full understanding of these important teas.
There is no better way to know the essence of Puer tea than to interact with local tea farmers. For pilgrims, this Puer tea tour escorts you to explore the hometown of Puer in Yunnan as well as the starting point of the Ancient Tea-Horse Road. During in Xishuangbanna, you will not only acquire a deep understanding of Puer tea, but also experience exotic culture of ethnic grou ...
Many international tea lovers are seeking the master travel plans to discover the essence of China's tea culture, so we come up with this well-crafted 13-day China tea tour. You will be escorted to the nation’s top tea growing areas, tasting some famous Chinese teas, getting to know the tea processing, and picking tea leaves personally. Furthermore, several must-see natural ...
Tea culture has a very long history in China. On this fabulous China tea tour, we will escort you to acquire a wealth of Chinese tea history and culture, experience the classical Chinese tea ceremony, taste green tea and black tea, pick different tea leaves and witness their making process, and marvel at the overwhelming natural and cultural attractions in China.Duration: 8 d ...
Various kinds of tea are grown in the vastly different geographic locations in China. This exclusive 20-day China Tea Discovery Tour is designed to capture the essence of China's tea culture combined with rich natural and cultural attractions around the country. Duration: 20 days & 19 nightsDestinations: Shanghai - Suzhou - Wuxi - Yixing - Hangzhou - Huangshan - Shao ...
From ancient times, Chinese people believed that the practice of tea culture can bring the spirit and wisdom of human beings to a higher orbit. On this tea trip, we will bring you into mist-capped mountains or plantations in Hangzhou & Wuyishan to taste the famed Dragon Well Green Tea and Oolong Tea while spend some time to experience the most magnificent sites in Beijing ...

Happy Tea Lovers with Us

2nd tea tour in China with us. Their smiles and happiness are our satisfaction.
Thank you another wonderful and wonderfully arranged tour by you and ETC. I feel that Guilin is now a bit of a home town.

You are very good and skilled at you job. I recommend you and ETC to all who ask about Chinese holidays or trips.

I don't feel that I can say anything else about your high level of professionalism that I have not said in the past.

Let's start planning for 2015!
Our tea tours on display in Australia by recommendation of tea lovers.


Easy Tour China's Presence at the Australian International Tea Expo 2015 in Geelong, Australia
  • Our Stand at the Expo
  • Ricky (right) and Stephen Carroll, Tea Master and the Director of International Chinese Calligraphic and Brush Painters Society (Australia)
  • Wei (left) and Ricky (right) with Sharyn Johnston, Managing Director of Australian Tea Masters Association