China Great Wall Tours

A visit to the famed Great Wall is an essential part for your first China trip. Easy Tour China has focused considerable attention to various Great Wall tours to the famous sections around Beijing, as well as the other China Great Wall.

Below is the list of China Great Wall tour packages, including Badaling, Mutianyu, Jinshanling Simatai and other wild, original and unrestored sections. From one day great wall trip to multi days Great Wall walking, hiking, camping, picnic experience and night tours, which suites the needs of a family with children, the elderly tourists, and also for travelers who look for adventures.

Best China Great Wall Tours

Travel to the Great Wall of China to discover one of world’s most remarkable ancient wonders. Uncover China’s ancient civilization, experience the unbelievable timelessness, and savor up beautiful scenery. A China Great Wall tour with ETC features hand-pick accommodations, tailor-made itinerary and the best local guides, who expertly reveal the Great Wall’s history and secrets.

  • 1-day Private Beijing Great Wall Tour
    See one of the Great Wall near Beijing that interests you the most and choose from Mutianyu, Jinshanling, Huanghuacheng or Badaling. The trip is perfect for first-time visitors to learn history and sightseeing.
  • 3-day Classic Beijing and Simatai Great Wall Night Tour
    After visiting the signature landmarks in Beijing City, embark on an adventure to the Great Wall at Jinshanling and Simatai. It will be a memorable experience to see the sunset with a night tour on Simatai Great wall.
  • 5-day Beijing Highlights and Great Wall Hiking Tour
    Explore Beijing highlights including Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and the Great Wall as you walk, sit in a private vehicle and use public transport. The hiking trip to Jinshanling and Gubeikou reveals the wonderfully wild Great Wall.
  • 7-day Huangyaguan to Mutianyu Great Wall Hiking Tour
    Hike through six popular and wild sections of the Great Wall on 7 days tour. Enjoy yourself the spectacular scenery and hikes from Easy Qing Tombs, Huangyaguan, Crouching Tiger to JInshanling, Jiankou and Mutianyu.
  • 3-day Great Wall Trekking with Camping Tour
    The adventure is perfect for serious hikers, introducing the best hiking trails of the Great Wall. Challenge yourself trekking the broken ruined Great wall and camp on the beacon towers like the ancient soldiers.
  • 16-day China Great Wall Panorama Tour
    This itinerary showcases the various parts of the Great Wall not limited to Beijing, but also JIayuguan, Hanging Great Wall, Zhongwei Sifangdun Great Wall of Han Dynasty, Shanhaiguan and the Great Wall on sea…
  • 1-day Mutianyu Great Wall Bus Tour
    Ideal for those looking for an affable trip of the Great Wall, this takes you to explore Mutianyu, the most popular and well-kept Great wall without many tourist crowds. Take in breathtaking view!
  • 1-day Jinshanling Great Wall Bus Tour
    Visit and hike Jinshanling Great Wall with like-minded travelers. Jinshanling is known as the most beautiful section of the Great Wall, with unlimited photo opportunities. This is a non-shopping group tour.

Top FAQs about China Great Wall Tours

  • What is the best destination for visiting the Great Wall?

    Beijing, with mainly 8 sections of the Great Wall, is the best place in China to visit for the Great Wall, including Mutianyu, Badaling, Jinshanling, Simatai, Jinkou, Juyongguan, Huanghuacheng and Shuiguan.

    The other recommended places for the great Wall travel are Jiayuguan in Gansu, Tianjin for Huangyaguan Great Wall, Qinhuangdao for Shanhai Pass, Datong Great Wall…

  • Which part of the Great Wall of China is best to visit?

    Although the Great Wall is 21,196.18 kilometers (13,170.70 miles) long, here are the best sections to visit: 1) the best-restored and less-tourist, Mutianyu, 2) the most beautiful and best for photography, Jinshanling, 3) the wildest and unrepaired Jiankou, 4) the steepest Simatai, 5) the water-side Huanghuacheng, 6) Gubeikou, 7) Juyongguan, 8) Huangyaguan, 9) the most famous but by far the most crowded Badaling

  • When is the best time to visit the Great Wall of China?

    The scenery of the Great Wall in different season varies. Generally, April to November are the best months for the Great Wall sightseeing. Spring (late March, April, May), early summer (June, July) and autumn (September, October and early November) are ideal months for the Great Wall walking trip. Besides, the Great Wall in winter (from December to February) is also beautiful when covered with snow, providing you don’t hate the cold.

  • What are the best Great Wall hiking trails in Beijing?

    1. Jinshanling to Simatai (11km)
    2. Mutianyu (5km)
    3. Huangyaguan to East Qing Tomb (6km)
    4. Jiankou to Mutianyu (10km)
    5. Gubeikou to Jinshanling (10km)
    6. Around Wohushan (Crouching Tigers) - 8km

  • Can you do the great wall trip from Beijing airport?

    Yes. We can arrange for travelers seeking for a Beijing airport layover tour to the Great Wall for half day or one day trip. If you have one or two more days, we can also add site visits to the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and other places or activities on your trip.

  • Useful tips and guides for a Great Wall tour in China

    1. Wear comfortable shoes even if there’s only half-day great wall trip;
    2. Hat, sun block and glass are needed for climbing tours in sunny days;
    3. For a professional hiking trip in Great wall, adequate outdoor equipment are necessary, especially for the wild section of the Great Wall;
    4. Don’t climb the wall during rainy days, especially when there are lightning and thunders.
    5. Many parts of the wall are broken and loose, so watch out and don’t run and walk fast on some wild wall sections;

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