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Beijing Xian Shanghai Tours

If you’re first-timer to China or you’ve ever wondered how it would be to time-travel, our golden triangle tour to China’s top three tourist destinations Beijing, Xian & Shanghai is right for you.

Beijing to Xian & Shanghai tour is to discover the essence of China, and there’s something for everyone. If the ancient history is your thing, explore more to Great Wall, Forbidden City, &Terra Cotta Army. If your interest lies in China’s dramatic modern changes, Shanghai has become one of world’s most vibrant metropolises, yet with unique traditions and fantastic cultural experience.

The compact golden triangle tours are crafted by our travel experts, supported by experienced local guides, and combined with excellent service, comfortable vehicles, and a diverse range of hotel and restaurant options. Your perfect trip to China starts here!

Where We Go: Three Must-visit Destinations for First-timers to China

Why do we recommend the Beijing/Xian/Shanghai tours to the first-timers?

For any new comers, these three cities in China have so much to offer with their distinctive features. In most time of the past 700 years, Beijing has been the capital of the country, which still remains a majestic political and architectural marvel, as well as the deep-rooted tradition and customs in historic Hutongs. Xian used to be a blessed and promised land in history, it is one of the birth places of Chinese civilization, where you will be amazed by the eye-popping Terra-cotta Warriors dating back to Qin Dynasty 2200 years ago. Some people say Shanghai is more alluring than Beijing, the city has been undergoing one of the fastest economic expansions in the past 35 years. It is on its way to the most thrilling metropolis in Asia. Visiting the three cities can open a window for you to have a glimpse of the country.


As the most popular travel destinations for international travelers in China, Beijing, Xian and Shanghai witnessed the dramatic change in city infrastructure and hospitality industry. Travelers can feel free to stay at the hotels from budget to luxury levels. A great number of licensed and well-trained tour guides speaking all the major foreign languages can provide up-to-standard or better services to the clients. There are safe, comfortable vehicles catering to the different needs of tourists and business travelers. Many local tour companies are experienced of handling the incoming travel business. Therefore, there is no much to worry about when you are traveling here in these cities, especially for those traveling with kids, senior travelers, Muslims. All their needs can be satisfied in these three cities.


To many foreign travelers, China is a remote and mysterious country in the depth of their minds. In fact, Beijing, Xian and Shanghai were the firstly open to the international tourists in 1980’s. Thanks to the booming of Chinese economy and more exchanges between China and outside world, the local people began to feel comfortable with meeting foreigners, and foreigners can explore the places more conveniently here. When walking in the street or taking subway, foreign travelers can find signboards with English subtitles, hear the English explanation on subway and ask for help from the locals. So setting foot on these three cities as the first trip to China will be a lot easier for the first-timers.


China is a country with a vast territory. Geographically the three cities are located quite close to each other. The transportation cost is comparatively lower than that of going to other cities. As the 2 busiest air hubs in China, Beijing and Shanghai work as the entry and departure cities for most of the foreign travelers, many international airlines have their flights land at these two cities with the best accessibility.

The flight distance (Beijing – Xian): 929 km. (518m.), about 2hrs15mins by air
The distance for train (Beijing – Xian): 1144km (711m.), about 4.5 hours by the fastest high-speed train, about 12 hours by overnight sleeper train

The flight distance (Xian - Shanghai): 1351 km. (840m.), about 2hrs15mins by air
The distance for train (Xian - Shanghai): 1510km (938m.), about 6-7 hours by high-speed train, about 11-15 hours by overnight sleeper train

The flight distance (Beijing – Shanghai): 1178km. (732m.), about 2hrs15mins by air
The distance for train (Beijing – Shanghai): 1318km (819m.), about 5 hours by the high-speed train, about 12 hours by overnight sleeper train


Choose Your Beijing Xian Shanghai Tour Package

Our specialists design 8 different golden triangle tours to meet the needs of different travelers, by using their first-hand knowledge to craft the itinerary and pick the best hotels, attractions and programs for each kind of people. Travel Beijing, Xian and Shanghai in your preferred way, and discover the real highlights of China.


Classic China Golden Triangle Tour

Travel to China’s most popular destinations in a relaxing and comfortable pace. This China tour starts from Beijing, through Xian, and ends in Shanghai. Enjoy relaxed sightseeing and tour around Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terra Cotta Amy, etc.

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Super-value China Golden Triangle Tour

This promotional offer of China tour package takes you to explore the best that China has to offer, with staying all at luxury 5-star hotels: Marriott, Shangri-La & Crowne Plaza. The price is most attractive at US$1380 only.

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China Golden Triangle Tour for Families

This family-oriented trip meets the different needs of kids and parents by offering unique family and educational activities, along with culture explorations, child-friendly guides, great food, hotels with swimming pools, etc.

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Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai Tour for Solo Traveler

Made up of join-in bus tours in each city, this trip is to save your money and perfect for foreign solo travelers in China. Easy Tour China handles all of the necessary arrangements for you and your local tour guides show you the very best of Beijing, Xian & Shanghai.

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China Golden Triangle Tour for Women

Specially designed for women travelers, the tour package not only includes the ‘must-visit’ and ‘must-eats’ in Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing & Xi’an, but also offers great shopping opportunities and some leisure hours.

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China Golden Triangle Tour for Mature Tourists

We carefully handcrafted this trip for mature travelers, with all slow-paced programs to ensure the utmost ease. You will experience China’s amazingly well-preserved history sites, postcard-look landscape and its new appearance.

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China Golden Triangle Tour for Muslims

Beside the classic programs, Muslim clients will also see some historical Muslim sites and monuments in Shanghai, Beijing and Xian. We respect their religious belief and provide whatever possible assistance. Travelers can stroll on the old city quarters and experience the unique lifestyle and diet. Subtly savor the profundity of local Muslim history and culture

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What Clients Say about Our Tours

Mr.&Mrs. Karkhanis (two mature travelers)
from USA
April 28 , 2016 -- May 8 , 2016

We greatly appreciate Easy Tour China for their efforts to make our China experience an unforgettable one.

Sue Ghose and 14 other clients
from USA
May 31 , 2015 -- June 11 , 2015

Thanks again for all your efforts to make this a trip to remember. You accomplished this!!! My parents and myself will always remember this trip!

What makes Easy Tour China different?

At Easy Tour China, you can have a customized tour in China to meet your expectation and interests. Based on our expertise, we developed 7 sample Beijing/Xian/Shanghai tours for regular travelers, families, women, seniors, and Muslims etc, which cater to the needs of the different people. Even though it is not a set menu - they are tailor made as well. We listen to what you want and then carefully craft you an ideal trip, working to your budget without compromising on service quality.

ETC's mission is to connect people and cultures. China is more than the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Terra-cotta Warriors. There is so much unknown waiting for your to explore. We built some unique local travel experience into the tour itineraries, which regular tourists might miss when traveling with other companies.

We work with genuine experts in each of the destinations. To make sure if your holiday goes smoothly in each place, our travel specialists will make a phone call to our clients frequently to supervise everything down to the details.

FAQ for Beijing Xian Shanghai Tours

What options for accommodations? Hostel, 3, 4, 5 star?

In Beijing, Xian and Shanghai, we usually arrange the centrally-located and Western-standard hotels, ranging from luxury five-star ones to economic hostels. We always try to pick the best place for you to stay, therefore in our Super-value Golden Triangle Tour, we find you all five-star hotels of international brands, and with very competitive price.

For those clients looking for more local culture experiences, we also recommend some boutique courtyard hotels in Chinese traditional style with local features and architectural style.

What food is served during the trip?

In normal conditions, the daily breakfast is included and offered by your hotel. Easy Tour China recommends our clients local Chinese restaurants which are popular among locals for specialty lunches. Our guide will be glad to help you to order. Generally, we leave dinner for your own arrangement. There are many excellent Western restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai and Xian.

For vegetarians, Muslims or clients with special diet requests, e.g. food allergies, please just inform your travel consultant in advance, who will find you the right restaurant in each destination.

What vehicles can you expect to be traveling in?

We use comfortable air-con sedans or vans. To ensure clients’ safety and comfort, all vehicles we use are in good condition and well maintained. Our drivers are competent and always patient.

If we want to add a specific site to visit, ok?

Yes, every tour itinerary on Easy Tour China website can be customized, thus if you want to add a specific site or activity or another destination, please feel free to tell us.

If I want to save travel cost, what is your suggest?

We’d like to recommend you China Golden Triangle Tour for Solo Traveler, which is made up of join-in bus tours in Beijing, Xian and Shanghai (with English-speaking guide). It is more cost-saving, but you’ll also have much fun by exploring China with like-minded people.

Will people with disabilities and wheelchair bounded be able to take the golden triangle tours?

Most of the tourist attractions in Beijing, Xian and Shanghai are very wheelchair friendly. Please feel free to inform your travel advisor your special needs, and then she/he will help you create a perfect itinerary with suitable programs and activities.

Could we hire a Mercedes sedan or similar class vehicle during the trip?

Easy Tour China works closely with local agencies and car rental companies in Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. Together, we can arrange you the best service you need, including the Mercedes pick-up/transfer service. Please feel free to let us know your requirements.

Extend your tour to other popular destinations in China